Tara Immobilier Chamonix agency

A real estate agency in the heart of the town at your service.

Our office is located in one of the busiest pedestrian streets, next to the statue Michel-Gabriel Paccard in front of Mont Blanc.

Created in 2006, the real estate agency Tara result from a 14 years partnership between two associated and real-estate agents.

Isabelle and Jean-Louis are a solid and complementary team with a strong work experience in real estate in the valley of Chamonix.

With TARA IMMOBILIER in Chamonix Mont you are sur to have at your service interlocutors dedicate in the fact of the last changes of legislation, (UNIS member) which will know how to guide you in your so important, real estate project.

The real estate agency Tara possesses a financial Guarantee and a civil responsibility insurance.

Owner Seller, we propose you :

  • - Advice to present your property in the best conditions
  • - Organization compulsory diagnoses, in full independence
  • - Broadcasting shop windows: location n°1 in city center of Chamonix
  • - Internet advertisement activities
  • - Set up of billboard
  • - Selection of the buyers before the visits
  • - Regular information of all the business actions, the transmission of the offers
  • - The follow-up of your sale up to the signature of the authentic act with the solicitor of your choice

We shall guide you throughout your steps, by guaranteeing a good hear, skill and reliable trust.

Buyers, we propose you :

  • - Help in your search and the best choice for your real estate project, purchase of a property
  • - A display of properties according to your choices
  • - Take into account and move closer to your request with all the available properties
  • - Secured your purchase by producing you all the legal documents and information no matter of good decisions for you !
  • - The follow-up of your acquisition up to the signature of the authentic act at the solicitor of your choice

We shall advise you in all the various steeps of your deal up to closing in best conditions.